Where to find some of Auckland City's best baristas

Australians believe that they were the first to come up with the Flat White, but we Kiwis know it was invented right here in NZ (the Australians try to claim most things). Wikipedia describes it as an espresso-based coffee drink consisting of a double shot of espresso with microfoam (steamed milk with small, fine bubbles with a glossy or velvety consistency) and Aucklanders take them very seriously. 

Whether you're keen to try one of these 'microfoam' coffees or you're just looking for a great cup joe - here are a few spots in our CBD (Central Business District) where they pull shots like pros.


— 43 High Street
Coffee Roasted by — (Hamilton)
Our daily tours walk right by Chuffed on High St but if you blink, you'll miss it. The entrance to Chuffed looks like you're about to walk into an office building but once you make it through the corporate alleyway entrance we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Spy their candy cane striped sandwich board out the front (it simply says 'Cafe') and head through to enjoy their little oasis in the middle of our bustling city. Chuffed also offer cabinet food + have a full kitchen menu so we'd recommend you stop in for coffee and lunch.


— 11 Britomart Pl
Coffee Roasted by — Themselves! (Auckland)
Espresso Workshop is also on our tour route, they're on the corner of the Te Ara Tahuhu walkway near the end of our trail. The team here roast their own specialty coffee beans in Parnell (no further than 10 minutes drive from their cafe) and all the staff at their Britomart site are complete coffee fanatics — in the best kind of way. Espresso Workshop baristas are highly trained and they have everything from Single Origin espresso to Nitro Cold Brew to pour-over on offer. Go there to geek out.


Sadly Wednesdays is now closed — 17 Wellesley Street West
Coffee Roasted by — (Auckland) 
Tyler is the owner and barista at Wednesdays on Wellesley St and he's barely 25! His standing room only espresso bar serves Nitro Cold Brew on tap and locally roasted Fairtrade Organic coffee. Take a steep up-hill walk from Queen St to visit him and relax your calves while sipping on a coffee and enjoying a treat from the cabinet that's as tiny as Wednesdays itself.

Up on K Rd
At the top of the huge Queen St hill you'll find Karangahape Rd, shortened to K Rd by most. One of Karangahape's many translations (Karangahape is in Maori) is 'the winding ridge of human activity' which pertains to the fact the ridge track was a major walking route for over six hundred years. It continues to be a hub of human activity today; here you'll find 3 exceptional coffee spots.

In order of appearance walking from Queen St (turn right when you get to K Rd).


estie — Shop 13, St Kevins Arcade, 183 Karangahape Road
Coffee Roasted by — (Auckland)
Bestie is hidden at the back of K Rd's iconic St Kevins Arcade and it's well worth a visit. They have one of the best views across to the Sky Tower over Myers Park. Their coffee is roasted by Auckland roasters Eight Thirty and their tables spill out into the arcade where you'll sit amongst some very large and healthy indoor plants. We also recommend popping into Tart Bakery here (especially if you are vegan) and Fort Greene for their 100% housemade, including the bread, sandwiches.


Sadly Holm is now closed — 295 Karangahape Road
Coffee Roasted by —  (Wellington)
Holm is one of Auckland's newest coffee houses, which is also 'holm' to a co-working office. They are very laptop friendly here, with power outlets available at every table, so it's a good spot if you need to do some more research for the rest of your trip in NZ. Holm serves filter batch brew, Chemex, Kalita and espresso (cue that flat white) and have a small but delicious offering of quick to prepare food.


— 452 Karangahape Rd
Coffee Roasted by —  (Wellington)
Daily Daily, like Wednesdays on Wellesley St, is another little slither of a espresso bar. Just enough room for a few bottoms on seats (with some more outside if the sun's out) they serve Single Origin pour overs or espresso through the machine if you'd prefer. It's a tranquil oasis near the end of chaotic K Rd!

We hope you enjoy these brew recommendations from our guide, Olivia. 

Olivia Coote