Silo Park and Playground in Vineyard Quarter


It’s not a beach, but it’s still worth going to. The Vineyard Quarter is a suburb in the west of Auckland’s central business district. It is undergoing a 25-year transformation of urbanization, walking around the suburb you can see many construction sites. The city council is currently promoting the area. Initially it was used for industrial purposes, but after years of land development, Auckland Regional Council has started to develop it. business and tourism potential. Wynyard Quarter is certainly a good place to take a sightseeing tour of the central business district.

Reminder: the Wynyard Quarter is not a beach! But there are still plenty of things you can do related to the sea.

Location: I would say that this is the perfect location. It’s only a 20 minute walk from Auckland’s central business district. It’s also close to Freeman’s Bay, one of my favorite suburbs of the central business district. Everything is within reach, including the market in Victoria Park (the old craft market). My favorite Korean restaurant, Hansik, is also there. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality of the food is worth it.

Environment: Medium Good. Since this suburb is still under development, construction sites are common. Wynyard Wharf is still in use, so some noise is expected. But these are just minor drawbacks compared to the beautiful harbor views and exciting free community events you can participate in.

EASY ACCESS: Easy access since it’s so close to the CBD. If you use lime scooters it’s only nine minutes to get there from the central business district. I don’t recommend driving because a lot of public transportation stops here. It’s hard to find parking in the city.

In addition to Silo Park, you can also visit the Wynyard Playground. It is right in front of Silo Park, so I am comparing them together since they are both attractions of the Wynyard neighborhood. The playground, decorated in a nautical theme, is suitable for vacationing with kids. There are also free children’s workshops by the marina.

In short, it is worth going alone or with your crews. Either joining the event or just walking around would be a great experience. You can watch the fishing boats unload fresh seafood onto the dock, and then head straight to the restaurant next to the dock to eat the seafood.

Gianni Little

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